Delivery & Payments

Cards are just the first part of the magic.


We take the bookwork out of processing and delivering donation cards.

Transactions Facilitated on Our Platforms


CardUP, along with The Noah Schultz Company's agencies and subsidiaries, collectively power hundreds of thousands of dollars in giving and philanthropic transactions annually.

A smarter delivery experience

CardUP empowers donors to choose from multiple elegant delivery options so they can get their card to their honored recipient in whichever format they prefer.

More money, less work

CardUP works for you. From the time the donor enters your CardUP page to the card delivery, we take care of everything so you can sit back and relax. Cross donation cards off your to-do list.

More time for you to do what matters

With CardUP, the entire donor experience is covered, so you can relieve bookkeeper responsibilities from your office staff and focus more on doing good work.

Donations go straight to your bank

With smart integrations with leading payment gateways, CardUP sends donations straight to your bank organizations account. And we take care of the tax receipts too!

Your donor can choose how they want their card to be delivered.


When a donor selects delivery via email, CardUP will send your organization's card, customized by the donor, straight to the honored recipient via email.


Your donor can hand deliver their card to their recipient. With print-at-home, we'll send the donor their custom card with cute cut-out instructions.

 COMING SOON Postal Mail

If your donors want to go traditional, we can do that too. CardUp can handle all your delivery needs, and your donor will only be charged nominally.

Delivery and payment taken care of, so there's nothing left for you to do

Three options for delivery that require no work from you

Your donors can send their card directly via email or utilize our Print-at-Home option where they'll receive a cut-out card via PDF. They can add custom messages, and on our pro plans, you can enable a Community Directory.

Community Directory for easy ready-to-access emails

With Community Directory, CardUP can offer your donors a way to easily send a card to a member of your community while withholding email addresses so delivery is done seamlessly and privately.

Notifications and workflows for your office

With your account manager, we can setup tailored notifications so you always know when you have a new CardUP purchase. We can even setup custom workflows, like thank-you notes from your organization or approval procedures.

Your payments go straight to your bank account

CardUP integrates directly with Stripe, PayPal, and Braintree. We don't handle any payment information or bank accounts. Money goes directly into your account through these payment gateways.

Tax receipts get sent directly to donors

With CardUP, tax receipts are easy. Eligible organizations recognized by the Internal Revenue Service at 501(c)3 (verified independently by CardUP) can take advantage of our automated receipts for tax-deductible purposes. You can use our default template and your account manager can even work with your accountant to ensure all contents are in line with the regulations and policies of your organization. We can even implement review processing to ensure no receipt goes out without office review too.

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