“We were looking to sustainably expand our fundraising. CardUP was a natural fit."

See how Zahal Shalom used CardUP to expand fundraising with no manual work.

Sustaining an important fundraising gap without the need for busy work.

Founded in 1992, Zahal Shalom provides wounded soldiers of the Israel Defense Force with rehabilitation experiences aimed to augment long-term recovery and to sustain an opportunity to connect Israel with Jewish communities in America. To date, they have provided hundreds of wounded veterans with free trips that have provided life-changing inspiration and empowerment. As they have spent the past three decades expanding their impact, they have outscaled their once sufficient fundraising operations.

"We were looking for new ways to expand our fundraising potential sustainably. CardUP was a natural fit."

In May 2019, Zahal Shalom turned to CardUP to augment their digital fundraising potential. With their account manager and success planner, they successfully launched and integrated the CardUP platform on their website and throughout marketing and collateral, including email newsletters and announcements.


We worked together with Zahal Shalom to determine their niche. We adapted the CardUP platform as Zahal Shalom Kavod Cards, effectively meeting the targeted consumer at a brand identity they had come to know and love. With this medium, we were able to effectively connect with Zahal Shalom's audience.


Our success manager worked with Zahal Shalom to determine strategic approaches to deployment of CardUP in their marketing. Working with email newsletters and announcements, we were able to drive use of the platform through effective editorial placements. In determining the appropriate places for donation cards, such as passing announcements and seasonal fundraising campaigns, Zahal Shalom saw (and continues to see) tremendous return on their CardUP investment.

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