Board of Directors

Advancing philanthropy with expertise and passion.

In it's capacity of oversight, our Board of Directors govern our core business units, ensuring strong revenue and profitability, investments in core growth initiatives, and the development of strategic opportunities using operational expertise and experience in accelerating growth for the world's leading charities. Leveraging breadth in our footprint, our board works with our team to produce and deploy products that meet the needs of our customer base with the ultimate goal of compelling people to give to charities they love to make the world a better place.

Noah Schultz

Chairman of the Board
President and Chief Executive Officer, CardUP
Noah Schultz is the President and Chief Executive Officer of CardUP and Chairman of the Board of Directors. As President and CEO, Mr. Schultz is responsible for stewarding every facet of the New York-based software company and provides visionary leadership across the company's software businesses. With direct management responsibilities for the global operations of the company, Mr. Schultz’s attention-to-detail and focus on developing innovative fundraising solutions for CardUP's international customer base has garnered accolades and attention from numerous media outlets, including FOX, USA Today, and PIX11. While solidifying the firms reputation as a premiere incubator for innovative digital fundraising, Mr. Schultz has also focused CardUP's attention on giving back, commiting to meet a $25,000 annual in-kind giving threshold. Mr. Schultz is the recipient of the Changemaker Award from Emunah of America in recognition of CardUP's philanthropic work during the COVID-19 crisis.

Morgan Lazarus

Director, Since 2020
EVP and Chief Operating Officer, CardUP
Biography coming soon.

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