Our people are at the heart of our mission.

Our team solves problems, builds with empathy, and embraces the unknown. We come to work everyday wanting to change the world for the better by encouraging people to give to the charities they love.
Executive Team

Stewarding our product, mission, and people around the world.

Our executive team oversees over twenty-five employees across our Sales, Advocacy, Product, and Marketing units, oversees domestic and international growth of our platform and brand, and plays a key role in the execution of our mission-based development strategy.

Noah Schultz

President & Chief Executive Officer
Noah Schultz is the President and Chief Executive Officer of CardUP and Chairman of the Board of Directors. As President and CEO, Mr. Schultz is responsible for stewarding every facet of the New York-based software company and provides visionary leadership across the company's software businesses. In his capacity, Mr. Schultz oversees the company's team across all operations, including sales, engineering, product, people, finance, and marketing and provides management and strategic oversight for the planning, execution, and delivery of large-scale development initiatives.

Morgan Lazarus

EVP & Chief Operating Officer
Morgan Lazarus is the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of CardUP. In his capacity, Mr. Lazarus oversees the teams developing the intuitive platform that is redefining the digital giving landscape. As COO, Mr. Lazarus provides guidance and oversight for the day-to-day operations and development of the company, which includes management of the creative, technology, sales, finance, customer service, and marketing teams. Through his leadership, the company continues to grow its market presence in the fundraising software sector.
Sales & Advocacy

Facilitating new fundraising potential for non-profits.

Our sales and advocacy team builds and maintains relationships with organizations that can benefit from CardUP's software suite. They work with customers to develop and implement our digital fundraising solutions at numerous facets of the donor retention lifecycle.

Jacob Neuer

Vice President of Sales
Jacob Neuer is the Vice President of Sales at CardUP. As the VP of Sales, Jacob is responsible for developing relationships with organizations that have the potential to experience meaningful growth with CardUP's software suite. He is also responsible for the oversight, guidance, and ultimate success of the S&A team. Jacob makes it his mission to ensure that each organization feels valued and important through the guidance of his dedicated team at CardUP through charismatic, encouraging, collaborative, and focused development programs.

Ethan Levy

Director of Customer Support
Ethan Levy is Director of Customer Support at CardUP. As a member of the sales team, Ethan works to help reach non-profits locally, nationally, and internationally who could benefit from the revenue opportunities CardUP presents. In his capacity, Ethan supports customers throughout every aspect of the onboarding process, including account setup, customization, branding, integration, and success management. Additionally, Ethan provides support and assistance to the company's leadership team on special projects and initiatives.

Marc Fishkind

Chief of Staff
Marc Fishkind is the Chief of Staff at CardUP, leading nearly 25 team members across the company’s sales, marketing, and product development teams. With his detail-oriented mindset and strong team communication skills, Marc is responsible for the oversight of CardUP’s talent and drives cross-team strategies and initiatives that foster success across the company’s integrated business operations. Marc also leads recruitment and talent acquisition, focusing on engagement and retention for the long-term success of the company’s team.
Product Development

Creating next-generation fundraising software.

The product development team advances our software on all user platforms to further the capabilities of CardUP. With a mission of helping organizations discover the value of our apps, they work to ensure the platform is tailored to all of our users needs.

David Reese

Vice President of Software Engineering
David Reese is the Vice President of Software Engineering at CardUP, responsible for product development across the companies integrated application suite. Mr. Reese leads the firms engineering team, which builds the software at the heart of CardUP's platforms, including user interface, frameworks, and data design. Additionally, Mr. Reese oversees our roadmap, ensuring his team meets strategic objectives to advance the performance and capabilities of our integrated software ecosystem along with deploying global infrastructure advancements across our networks.
Marketing & Communications

Promoting our platform for customers and our brand.

Our marketing team helps our company and customers capitalize on our platform in a modern marketing landscape. Our internal communications team focuses on our brand, story, and media relations and our customer marketing team focuses on ensuring customer deployment is successful within their organizations.

Brian Racer

Director of Media Relations
Brian Racer is the Director of Media Relations at CardUP, playing a crucial role in the promotion and exposure of the companies brand, product, mission, and story. Mr. Racer plays an integral and hands-on role in developing highly targeted PR programs that involve corporate positioning, branding, and awareness in publications and other media forums. Mr. Racer advances connectivity and communications with domestic and international media correspondents, elevating awareness of the company’s vision, transformative work, and extraordinary talent with the ultimate goal of helping CardUP reach as many multinational audiences as possible.

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