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A cohort of high school students decided to face pain with purpose, pushing through unprecedented challenge with innovative solutions and a desire to change the world.
JUNE 9, 2020
Rosanna Scotto shares CardUP's story on FOX.

Our Story

CardUP is about challenging the aging status-quo's of charitable fundraising and redefining how technology can be used to drive revenue for non-profits in a rapidly changing digital economy. Born amidst the unfolding of a global pandemic by Noah Schultz and Morgan Lazarus, graduating high school seniors, CardUP's platform has opened doors for organizations actively battling the economic implications of COVID-19. With over 2,000 organizations currently on its waiting list since it was founded in March, CardUP is being used around the world by charities big and small to fundraise and make an impact on their communities. Featured on outlets including FOX, USA TODAY, and PIX11, CardUP's story is the realization of facing pain with a bright idea and pushing through unprecedented challenge with innovative solutions that can change the world.

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People love hearing about CardUP.

“What a unique way to celebrate the people who do so much for us in our communities.”

Rosanna Scotto, live on Good Day New York

“This is absolutely amazing.”

Dan Mannarino, live on PIX11 Morning News

“The new venture was launched to help non-profits receive donations more easily."

Stephanie Noda, for USA Today

A quick recap.

  • CardUP was founded in March 2020 amidst the unraveling of the COVID-19 global pandemic by high school seniors Noah Schultz and Morgan Lazarus. The two attended the one of the first schools that closed in the country, and wereinspired and motivated to give back while they were under mandatory quarantine as a result of one of the first school transmissions in the country.
  • In a nutshell, CardUP is a simple, elegant platform for organizations to send digital donation cards. Our simple goal is to help generate revenue for non-profits that they wouldn’t have otherwise had, and we get it straight to the organization so they can further their missions.
  • From veterans to education to social welfare, our customers are diverse in the causes they support. CardUP customers are located all around the world - from the United States to Canada to the United Kingdom to Israel and everywhere in between.

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