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A donation card platform that is unique to every organization.

"I had no doubt that CardUP would operationally be a game changer, but with how they adapted it to fit our organization,

it became a game changer for our donors as well."

Rachel B.

President, The Tzva Foundation

CardUP's effectivity is made possible by adaptivity

Our platform was designed to embrace the diversified visual and editorial styles of different organizations. We connect with, engage, and acquire donors by effectively deploying CardUP as an inherent and natural giving opportunity for every organization.

We can change logos and colors and we can do a whole lot more

Working with your personal account manager at setup, we will adapt the visual and editorial style in the CardUP template of your choice. But we can also do so much more. The only thing you need to know about our concierge style customization is that your wish is our command.

Establish CardUP in a language your donors know and love

CardUP can deployed in a variety of contexts and styles. Depending on the use and the type of organization, we can explore ways to adapt the concept of "giving cards" in a style that inherently matches your organization. Think of "Kavod Cards" for a Jewish organization as a good example.

There are so many ways we make CardUP your own

Let's start with the basics

We start with the logos, colors, imagery, type, and basically anything that we can do to make the visual and editorial facets of CardUP perfectly align with your brand.

A fresh user experience

With CardUP, the possibilities for the front-end user experience are basically endless. Your account manager will use different layouts and visuals to elevate the donors experience in an intuitive, modern, and elegant giving experience. We promise that the style of your organizations CardUP page won't disappoint.

Give your donors a choice with card templates

CardUP can be used for any occasion. Your account manager can allow your donors to choose between their card designs. We can do birthdays, celebrations, weddings, etc.

Beautiful email templates

With digital delivery serving as the primary method of card delivery, our platform perfects the art of purposeful email communications. Our team works to create email templates that deliver a beautiful message in your branding.

Customized processes to go with your customized platform

Every manager at CardUp works not just to customize the front-end experience for donors, but also to customize the back-end operations for you. Whether that means custom workflows, email notifications, or administrative platforms, CardUP will make sure that our digital donation cards are efficient for every organization.

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