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Elegant for your donor. Efficient for you.


There's a new way to incentivize donations without any operating costs.

"With CardUP, we are able to incentivize donations that we wouldn't have otherwise acquired. And the best part is there's nothing we need to do."

Tali Blum

Vice President, Zahal Shalom

Welcome to donation cards in the 21st century

In today's fast paced world, donation cards can be elevated to the next level. By applying a modern touch, our signature cards offer a new, fresh experience for donors and organizations.

An experience that is unique to your organization

We know better than anyone else that in order for donation cards to be successful, they need to be meaningful and align with the visual identity of your organization. We help you do just that.

From A to Z, CardUP handles the entire donation card process

Nothing is left to be delegated to a bookkeeper or office manager. From card creation to delivery to tax receipts to payments, we take care of everything so your office doesn't have to.

A donation process as easy as 1, 2, 3 (and 4).


Create a personalized donation card.

This is our favorite part. Donors get to create and customize a card based on their tribute or occasion.


Select how you want to send your card.

You can email them, use our Print-at-Home option, or mail them*. You can also use a Directory.


Choose a donation amount.

This is your favorite part. Donors choose the amount they are going to give for their card.


Enter your billing details and send it off!

CardUP will process the payment directly to your bank account via credit card and send the card out!

Features that check off all the boxes

An intuitive experience for your donors to design their cards

CardUP was designed for your donors. Creating a card, dedicating it, and perfecting it couldn't be easier to do. We have multiple types of inputs and can customize designs to make sure it perfectly fits your organization.

Multiple delivery options for your donors

Your donors can send their card directly via email or utilize our Print-at-Home option where they'll receive a cut-out card via PDF. They can add custom messages, and on our pro plans, you can enable a Community Directory.

Getting paid for your cards couldn't be more simple

CardUp integrates directly with Stripe, PayPal, and Braintree. We don't handle any payment information or bank accounts. Money goes directly into your account through these payment gateways.

A custom branded CardUP page for your organazation

Donors will purchase cards on a page that reflects your visual identity and style. With the setup help of your account manager, we'll make sure the entire look and feel (and processes) are perfectly tailored to your organization.

Create campaigns to boost fundraising with CardUP

We can create special sub-pages in your account that can be tailored and branded for a specific campaign or event in your organization. This can include Galas, special funds, or specific departments in your organization.

We'll teach you how to make your CardUP page successful

Getting CardUP running in your organization is simple. We'll teach you all the tricks to boost your CardUP sales, like mentioning CardUP in announcements and email newsletters and adding it to your giving website.

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