CardUP prepares for next wave

‍Student-led company announces expansion plans as it builds on ten-months of milestones

Abby Feintuch
Chief Communications Officer

(COURTESY OF CARDUP) NEW YORK, NY — DECEMBER 13, 2020 — CardUP, the fundraising platform created to help charities raise money to respond to the economic implications of COVID-19, built by high-school students at The Frisch School earlier this year, is once again finding its pertinence and purpose during the second wave of COVID-19.

The software company, founded this March by graduating seniors who wanted to bring fundraising aid to non-profits experiencing devastating revenue losses due to COVID-19, is growing its product offerings to expand support of charitable communities around the world. This comes at a time when non-profits are looking for vital financial support to combat the latest financial ramifications caused by the new COVID-19 spikes.

The new proprietary platform by the student-led company is designed to accelerate deployment of the CardUP platform to over 2,000 non-profit organizations around the world on the company's waiting list. It is a breakthrough for many non-profits desperately looking for ways to generate vital income to stay afloat.

“The economic impacts COVID-19 is having on non-profits are incredibly important to mitigate. The multifaceted services and support these organizations provide to so many different types of communities are invaluable, which is why our student team is so motivated to do our part to facilitate more donations in a rapidly changing economy” said Noah Schultz, President and Chief Executive Officer at CardUP. “The next-generation of our proprietary software built by our student engineers in North America and Israel is designed to dramatically expand the impact of CardUP’s fundraising software and allow us to expand our presence in the United States, Israel, Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.”

The new platform, designed collaboratively by CardUP student engineers in North America and Israel, elevates the core platform — which allows non-profits to create online pages where donors can pay for digital greeting cards — to a new level by allowing organizations to manage the end-to-end experience without any support from the CardUP team. In turn, the accessibility of the new platform will allow the software to exponentially grow it’s reach across the world. CardUP’s customer success team, comprised of over 30 students who came from different Jewish high schools, has interacted with over 2,500 charities since launching earlier this year. The students have collectively donated over 50,000 volunteer hours helping organizations around the world set up CardUP fundraising pages.

The innovative software platform, featured on FOX5’s Good Day New York, USA Today, and PIX11, has seen dramatic growth and a passionate response from it’s customer base and media outlets since it was created ten months ago by seniors at The Frisch School who were amongst the first students in the country to be forced out of their classrooms due to COVID-19. “What a unique way to celebrate the people who do so much for us in our communities,” said Rosanna Scotto, the anchor of Good Day New York, during FOX5’s live segment on the students story in June.

The company’s leadership, sales, product, and marketing teams today comprise over 25 employees across the world in North America and Israel.  The company also inaugurated it’s Board of Directors and Advisory Council over the summer, which includes influential executives at Twitter and Google who are providing guidance to the companies student-led teams.

“This is truly powerful fundraising,” explained Morgan Lazarus, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at CardUP. “At its core, this new iteration of CardUP’s software is designed to enable widespread deployment across the international markets in which we have received an overwhelming positive response from so many different types of non-profit organizations.”

“We’re all incredibly excited about the potential this new, incredibly intuitive and accessible platform provides for organizations eager to use our software to supplement their digital revenue streams,” said David Reese, Vice President of Software Engineering at CardUP. “Our student-led product development team has dedicated a tremendous amount of effort to create a product organizations and donors will love.”

Non-profit organizations are invited to learn more about CardUP and get started for free at Eligible organizations are also encouraged to request complimentary fee waivers for premium subscriptions at

To learn more about the CardUP platform, please contact Yaacov Neuer, Vice President of Sales, at For media inquiries, please contact Abby Feintuch, Chief Communications Officer, at


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