Designed for your donors.

Create a fundraising page that your donors with instantly recognize and fall in love with.
Design your page and cards in our easy-to-use builder
Create a fresh user experience your donors will love
Tailor features to your organizations unique needs

A donation card platform that is unique to every organization.

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CardUP's effectivity is made possible by adaptivity

Our platform was designed to embrace the diversified visual and editorial styles of different organizations. We connect with, engage, and acquire donors by effectively deploying CardUP as an inherent and natural giving opportunity for every organization.

We can change logos and colors and we can do a whole lot more

Working with your personal account manager at setup, we will adapt the visual and editorial style in the CardUP template of your choice. But we can also do so much more. The only thing you need to know about our concierge style customization is that your wish is our command.

Establish CardUP in a language your donors know and love

CardUP can deployed in a variety of contexts and styles. Depending on the use and the type of organization, we can explore ways to adapt the concept of "giving cards" in a style that inherently matches your organization. Think of "Kavod Cards" for a Jewish organization as a good example.
“We tailored it  perfectly to our donors interests.”

Zahal Shalom, through the use of strategic card designs and adapative branding, deploys CardUP as a meaningful way for donors to give back.

Tali Blum
Vice President, Zahal Shalom
Conveniently prepared interface blocks
Complete Integration with Webflow CMS
A stylish and modular UI Kit
Friendly Customer Service

Display discrete features with convenient tabs.

Uppercut use Devkit to smash it.
Uppercut use Devkit to smash it.
Uppercut use Devkit to smash it.

“Our team were able to smash our goals quicker than we did before”

Annabelle Porter,
Customer Service Officer
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