Revenue Model

Getting donations couldn't be any easier.


Our cards are a meaningful way to incentivize donations at numerous points of donor engagement.

Average Return on Investment


Our elegant and efficient platform, augmented with proficient deployment strategies from your success manager, offers a consistent revenue stream that comes at no operational cost to your organization.

Conversions via incentivization

Offering CardUP branded donation cards in exchange for a donation offers an opportunity for your organization to incentivize donations so you can acquire transactions that may have not been completed without added return value for the donor.

Easy deployment and organic integration in your fundraising

CardUP donation cards can be easily integrated into so many fundraising models within your organization. Some examples include sending condolence cards for a passing, sending birthday cards with a donation to benefit your cause, or having a Giving Tuesday card campaign.

More time for you to do what matters

With CardUP, the entire donor experience is covered, so you can relieve bookkeeper responsibilities from your staff and focus more on doing good work.

Solidify revenue in templates to establish donor cognizance

Our success managers can help you integrate CardUP into long-term, sustainable fundraising operations. By integrating CardUP to establish donor cognizance, we aim to ultimately cultivate repeated donor behaviors. There's a plethora of opportunities to enable CardUP's long-term success in your organization.

"Before we found CardUP, we didn't incentivize donations with cards. Now, our donors have become more compelled to give more often based on how we have cultivated awareness of this new giving opportunity.

Tali Blum

Vice President, Zahal Shalom

Here's some ways our customers have put CardUP in action

CardUP is a regular staple in email communications

Whether it's in an announcement, organization update, any other type of email communication, establishing the CardUP giving opportunity in emails makes donors cognizant of the opportunity to use CardUP to benefit your organization.

A meaningful gift opportunity for every occasion

From weddings to bar mitzvah's to passing announcements, CardUP offers a meaningful way for donors to recognize a major event and send a tribute to honorees. It's a purposeful giving opportunity that some organizations may not even have before they come to CardUP.

Using CardUP as a unique giving campaign format

CardUP can be used to create a giving campaign in a unique format. For example, if your orgnazation has individual beneficiaries, such as cancer patients or wounded soldiers, you can use the integral function of sending cards through CardUP to have donors send cards to those in need.

Your success manager is here to help

Every CardUP account comes with a dedicated success manager. They will share insights, expertise, and opportunities based on deployment across CardUP's entire client base. They will help make sure your use of CardUP's platform is a success.

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